Christy’s Pipe & Hose Cutters HD (various)



  • Durable stainless steel blade
  • Finger indention for a firm grip

Product Description

Christy’s Pipe & Hose Cutters HD (various)

These versatile cutters are ideal for quickly and cleanly cutting PB, PE, PVC, and hose. The stainless steel blade is specially made to maintain its sharp edge for longer life.

Units per case:  6

Spec Sheet Specification Sheet PDF
Part Number
Cuts up to
TC118SS TC100 Christy’s EZ-CUT 1 1/8″ Pipe & Hose Cutter  1 1/8″ pipe
TC150SS TC125, TC150 Christy’s EZ-CUT 1 1/2″ Pipe & Hose Cutter  1 1/2″ pipe
TC150TF Christy’s EZ-CUT 1 1/2″ PTFE (Teflon®) Pipe & Hose Cutter  1 1/2″ pipe
TC200SS TC200 Christy’s EZ-CUT 2″ Pipe & Hose Cutter  2″ pipe


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