Red Hot White Vinyl Adhesive

  • Vinyl Adhesive specially formulated for use on Vinyl/PVC fence, deck, windows or furniture
  • High strength, superior adhesion with long-term UV stabilization
  • Formulated to retain and maintain color integrity
  • High viscosity for optimum gap filling between bonding surfaces


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Product Summary

Part Number
Case Pack
RH-F-W-15-24 1.5 oz Tube Vinyl Adhesive, White 24/192 044752010153
RH-F-W-10-12 10.3 oz Caulk Tube Vinyl Adhesive, White 12
RH-F-W-8-8 8 oz Tube Vinyl Adhesive, White 8/64 044752010801
RH-F-W-QP-24 4oz Can Vinyl Adhesive, White 24 60044752353924
RH-F-W-HP-24 8oz Can Vinyl Adhesive, White 24 50044752353880
RH-F-W-PT-12 16oz Can Vinyl Adhesive, White 12 40044752353890
RH-F-W-QT-12 32 oz Can Vinyl Adhesive, White 12
RH-F-W-GL-4 128 oz Gal Vinyl Adhesive, White 4
RH-F-W-5GL-1 5 Gal Drum Vinyl Adhesive, White 1
Color: White
Body: Extra Heavy Body
Maximum Pipe Diameter: N/A
Relative Set Time: N/A
Industry Performance Specifications: N/A
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Product Specification Sheet: View PDF
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This product is not for use in a system using or being tested with compressed air or gases.



1.5 oz, 8 oz, 10.3 oz, Quart, Gallon


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