Ultra Seal T – 10,000 Thread Sealant

• Soft-set virgin PTFE paste for all threaded metal and plastic piping applications
• Contains anti-galling compound for easy disassembly
• Sealing capacity to 3,000 PSI gases and 10,000 PSI liquids
• Grit free
• White in color

Ultra Seal T-10,000 is a premium, industrial grade, all-purpose Virgin PTFE thread sealant. It is a slow-setting, non-separating, no grit formula that is safe on seals or valves and faucets. Use for sealing threads on all metal and PVC, CPVC, nylon and polypropylene piping systems. Carefuly read “Suitable for” and “Directions” panel before applying. Brushable to -50°F (-46°C). Temperature range usage: -50°F (-46°C) to 400°F (+204°C). Suitable for Liquid up to 10,000 PSI and 3,000 PSI for Gases.

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AVAILABLE SIZES 1/4 Pint (#514589)
1/2 Pint (#514587)
Pint (#514588)
Quart (#514590)
Made In USA


Preventing Leaks at Threaded Pipe Connections