MitreBond Construction Adhesive

  • 2-Part construction rapid-set adhesive
  • Glue pairs with activator pen for a strong bond that sets in less than 10 seconds
  • Bonds and repairs wood, metal, glass, ceramics and plastic
  • No clamps or fasteners required
  • Pen allows a precise application without the mess of a spray activator


Product Summary

Adhesive Sets in 10 Seconds

  • Glue is workable until paired with activator.
  • One bottle of glue can make 100 joints / repairs.
  • Joints or repairs do not need to be clamped.
  • No fasteners are required.

Activator Pen Eliminates Mess

  • Pen allows precise placement of activator. Works just like a marker.
  • No overspray mess that is common with spray activators. Works on Most Materials,

Indoors & Outdoors

  • Molding, Trim & Baseboards
  • Valence, Rails & End Strips
  • Crafts, Hobbies & Toy Repair
MITREBOND 1-PACK WITH PEN 1.5oz + Pen (#505311)
Made In USA


Christy's MitreBond Rapid Adhesive